Blue Hydrangea


Peony B&W Sketch on Pink Ground








Pink Peonies

Hop Vine Design








Jacaranda Blossoms, jacaranda trees

These trees line many streets in LA. As a first time visitor to L.A, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of these Jacaranda trees. All I could think of was the tree in the Avatar movie.

Purple Jacaranda Blossoms abstract in allover print would brighten up any room.

This design is available on, and; see links above.



MJLaCroix designs

My designs tend to be big and brilliant, inspired abstracts of the flora and fauna around me. I love rich color but I love B & W photography, go figure.

Although large repeats, they sometimes come from the tiniest creatures, like the back of a newt (red eft), or the wings of a moth.

I am presently working on this website so there are many more designs to come. In the meantime, contact me at